If you’ve ever wondered what makes a digital agency ‘digital’, this article is for you.

The Differences Between Traditional and Digital Agencies

The hit TV show Mad Men captured everyone’s attention with dramatic pitches, grand campaigns, and insane office antics. That may have been an accurate depiction of some agencies back in the day, but advertising has evolved to be more than that. Especially digital marketing agencies like Swarm. Here, data, analytics, and creative all mix together in target-driven campaigns and website rebuilds. But what does that actually mean?

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Traditional advertising agencies are known for producing TV commercials, radio and streaming service ads, or even full-page magazine spreads. Agencies would be tasked with creating the ads for a large fee, and then place the ad in the appropriate publication or time slot for another free. Digital agencies are more strategic in their efforts to connect with consumers and can scale to increase reach in the blink of an eye.

Whether Swarm is rebuilding an entire website or placing ten different ads across five different social platforms, the purpose is to accomplish a client’s business goals, whether that be traffic, leads, or sales. That means we have to be experts on customer journeys, SEO, search algorithms, inbound marketing, and so much more. Instead of creating a campaign and sending it out to the masses in hopes that it works, we help attract traffic to websites and generate better quality leads at a much lower cost than traditional agencies.

Data Informs Everything

Digital marketing agencies like Swarm differ from agencies of the past in that data drives our decisions. And that’s for the better. Our team is immersed in testing and statistics in order to make day-to-day decisions on the best ROI for any given campaign. With any project launch, there’s trial and error, but through extensive experience we’ve developed a coherent strategy that builds toward increased traffic and conversions.

We can get as granular as realizing ads placed with a white background outperform ads with a gray background. We’re also strategic in that we tailor our message to be delivered through the right online medium, at the right time, to qualified leads. Even the smallest difference in conversion rate can matter, because it’s easier than ever to engage with audiences on numerous platforms. That means there’s a lot of clutter to try and get in front of.

Digital Specialists Work With Your Marketing Team

Swarm’s strategists, developers, and designers work like a part of your internal marketing team. But our specialists bring in another level of expertise in maximizing search engine optimization, pay per click ads, and creating a seamless user experience for website traffic. For some clients, Swarm acts as the entire marketing department. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for managed marketing services, a website rebuild, or a better way to convert leads into sales, Swarm has the knowledge and expertise to achieve those goals.

We never shy away from showing off our work. So check out what we’ve done to see how we solve business problems as a digital marketing agency. Our Work.