Five articles that have us buzzing this week

For Zappos, the Future of Ecommerce Revolves Around Curated Content

The advent of shoppable livestreaming has taken the retail world by storm. Ecommerce native Zappos is the latest retailer to join the mounting trend of authentically introducing new products to their followers via curated content. Ryan Olivieri, director of marketing at Zappos, joined Adweek’s Elevate: The Future of Shopping to talk about the retail giant’s strategy for success.

Post-IDFA Crushing Impact: How to Survive & Thrive

For months we have been sharing insights about the loss of Apple’s IDFA and its profound impact on the mobile app ad ecosystem (Hey Apple, You Suck!, IDFA Armageddon Part I; IDFA Armageddon Part II; IDFA Armageddon Part III). After reviewing $250 million in ad spend, we now have a clearer picture of how dramatically Apple has hurt iOS app advertisers and we have recommendations for how to survive and thrive in this post-IDFA world!

Authenticated brand logos in Gmail will roll out over the coming weeks

Authenticated brand logos in Gmail, a security feature that was first announced last July, will be rolling out over the coming weeks, Google announced on Monday. The feature is enabled by the Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) standard, which Google joined the working group for in 2019.

4 New SEO Tactics You May Be Overlooking in 2021 – and Beyond

It’s a cliche, but SEO is among the rare industries where what defines success can change every single day. Whether you’re faced with a dramatic new search algorithm update or the decidedly more boring — but often just as frustrating — whims of user intent that can transform a SERP in days, search engine optimization demands adaptation at all levels. What worked yesterday may not only not work today, but it may even be detrimental — surprise! But, at the slightest fluctuation of a machine learning bot, certain strategies may eventually come back into favor.

Google: Positive Effects Of Page Experience Update After You Get Out Of Poor Area Of CWV

Google’s John Mueller said that “you’ll start to see positive effects once you get out of the “poor” area in core web vitals.” This means that you may see a positive impact around the Google page experience update once your pages are out of the red area. Scoring 100 is not necessary. John added on Twitter “It’s not a magic bullet, we use lots of factors for ranking, and relevance is still very important.” Again, he is saying that this is a light weight factor, even a tiebreaker – so you probably won’t see much from it. But it does kick in after you are out of the poor area.