Five articles that have us buzzing this week

All of the Announcements From Shopify Unite 2021

This year’s Shopify Unite was about the infrastructure, tooling, and technologies that make the future of commerce possible. Leadership took to the virtual stage to dive into the products we’ve been working on, and share a look at our roadmap as we scale the tools developers use to build on Shopify. To keep you fully updated, here’s a roundup of everything we announced.

Reminder: ending support for new broad match modifier keywords

Google announced in February that we’re simplifying match types by combining the control of phrase match with the expanded reach of broad match modifier. As part of this change, both phrase and BMM keywords have adopted this updated matching behavior and are now the same. This means that keywords using the +keyword and “keyword” notations are now identical in how they match.

Google Delays Phaseout of Advertising Cookies Until 2023

Alphabet Inc.’s Google will eliminate advertising cookies in its Chrome internet browser by “late 2023,” the company said, pushing out a timeline that the $378 billion digital advertising industry is watching closely.

4 New SEO Tactics You May Be Overlooking in 2021 – and Beyond

It’s a cliche, but SEO is among the rare industries where what defines success can change every single day. Whether you’re faced with a dramatic new search algorithm update or the decidedly more boring — but often just as frustrating — whims of user intent that can transform a SERP in days, search engine optimization demands adaptation at all levels. What worked yesterday may not only not work today, but it may even be detrimental — surprise! But, at the slightest fluctuation of a machine learning bot, certain strategies may eventually come back into favor.

Target’s Sustainability Push Shakes Up Brand Strategy

Companies everywhere are sharpening their sustainability efforts, well aware that the environment has become a critical issue to younger Americans. But Target’s new “Target Forward” program may be one of the biggest yet.