HBO Digital Marketing VP Emily Giannusa On Why The Traditional Playbook Doesn’t Work For Gen Z

When it comes to Gen Z, the traditional playbook simply won’t do. This podcast covers how HBO continues making shows that land with a new generation that has enough perception to see right through “traditional” marketing. It has to be genuine to make it on their radar. Listen up!

Measuring Success: How To Key In On Meaningful Digital Marketing KPIs

Do you remember what KPI stands for or are we just throwing around acronyms? True key performance indicators are directly tied to your organization’s goals and objectives. Here are seven worth considering, because what gets measured gets done. 

Back-to-School Advertising and Promotions 101: A New Lesson for Brands

Remember precedented times? And precedented back-to-school shopping? Advertising for back-to-school has shifted this year, focusing more on TV (since we’re home, and watching!), and even the ad content is tailored to the many ways in which families are preparing to go back. 

Product Listings: Show products for free in the Bing Shopping Tab

Microsoft is throwing a bone to advertisers and rolling out free product listings in the US, and soon to select countries around the world. “Product Listings are currently offered to those who have a Microsoft Merchant Center store with approved offers, and will ramp over the next month.” Reporting will be available this fall, and if you don’t like free traffic, you can opt-out. 

The 17 Best Brand Responses So Far to Reese Witherspoon’s 2020 Meme Challenge

Ad Age is keeping us up to date with brand responses to COVID-19, as well as Reese Witherspoon’s Meme Challenge. The nine-tile photo shows the progression of our 2020 moods – going from bright eyed Elle Woods to undone and very-relatable-right-now Cheryl Strayed. I think Stitch Fix was a little generous with their loungewear coordination, though.