Marketers underestimate the role of creativity in effectiveness

I’d like to revise this title to say SOME marketers underestimate the role of creativity in ad effectiveness. Each month when we review campaign performance, we also review “creative winners” and recommend creative refreshes to boost results. This report shows that apart from brand size, creative quality is a top factor in performance. [insert designer’s happy dance]

Product photography that sells [Twitter thread]

Now that we agree that creative quality matters (see above), check out this Twitter thread about effective product photography. “If you’re selling something where aesthetics really matter as a value prop, it’s worth not only investing in good photography, but in getting creative with it and testing aggressively.” Also, cool product! 


Making It Easier to Shop and Sell on Our Apps

Facebook is taking an old school customer service lesson to the next level: never give your customers a reason to go anywhere else! Mindless scrolling + mindless shopping (85% of people worldwide are shopping online now) = great success. 

Instagram Guides may soon allow creators to recommended places, products and more

Longer-form content continues to creep its way onto the once photo-centric platform. Guides is an evolving feature that will allow creators to create more than just photo/video content, and likely will curate content from multiple creators into categories for your consumption! 


The average GMB profile has 73 reviews, 45 photos, 5 Posts and a star rating of 4.08

Does it shock anyone else when you see an unclaimed Google My Business profile? Just me? Whether you’re a big brand or a small business, leveraging your Google presence should be viewed as a customer service opportunity – a preview of what to expect, so make it a good experience! Plus, making some simple optimizations on GMB will give you a near-term lift in visibility and conversions – and we all covet attention from Google!