Google Holding First-Ever Virtual Conference on August 26th

Register before August 19 to take advantage of Google’s “unconference” – a rare glimpse into an official Google conference. However, it sounds like they’ll still be choosy about who attends.

On that note, if your site rankings crashed and you panicked yesterday, you weren’t alone. Google explains the meltdown here.

Google Explains How YouTube Search Works

Now that video content is our primary “face to face” interaction, you may be wondering exactly how YouTube search works to get your content found. Google recently responded to FAQs about search results by creating a whole new website, How YouTube Works.


A Regularly Updated List Tracking Marketers’ Response to Coronavirus

This may look familiar from a previous update, but this is a helpful list of ongoing responses from various brands as the COVID-19 situation evolves.


Google Ads Click-Through Rate (CTR): What’s Considered “Good” and How Can You Increase It?

As marketers return to ad spend in the second half of 2020, it’s going to be important to back up that spend with positive performance. If you’re looking to benchmark your CTR and know what’s considered “good,” take a look at this report from 88 others.


Do we even need to comment on TikTok vs Reels this week? Looks like that one is going to continue for a while!