FIVE ARTICLES THAT HAVE US BUZZING THIS WEEK Welcome to The Hive’s Friday Five, where we will share up to five articles each week that have Swarmers buzzing, and a few of our thoughts on each of them! B2B SEO: Three Essential Strategies to Generate High-Quality Leads If your business is seeing less Google traffic, you’re not alone. Following these SEO tactics can help remedy the situation and improve your rankings. Happy Holidays? Why Festive Planning is Earlier Than Ever This Year Don’t be late to the party. People are looking forward to the holiday season more than usual this year and have already started their gift searches. Brands should keep customers’ early planning needs in mind when developing content. The Most Common Website Mistakes Affecting Your SEO in 2020 Sitechecker shares some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid in this infographic, including categories of: technical errors, on-page SEO errors, and crawability errors. Brand Awareness in a Pandemic: Balance Sensitivity with Digital Marketing In the midst of these hard economic times, studies show that people are still spending money. How can you keep your brand front and center, without being tone deaf, while also taking budget cuts into consideration? Usage of Voice Has Plateaued For Now The speed at which voice search popularity was predicted to take over isn’t living up to the hype. While voice search is still believed to be the future of search, it may take longer to get there than originally expected.