March Madness always gets people talking about their favorite teams. Even people who don’t follow college basketball are excited to fill out a bracket, or five, and trade meaningless insults with their friends and coworkers. Social media and TV are filled with people talking about players and coaches, and what their strengths are as a team.

That got us thinking about our team, Swarm Agency. Our goal isn’t to “defeat” anyone, but every time a project gets passed to us, we’re looking to score major points with — and for — our clients. If we can’t brag about it, we aren’t done! Occasionally that project gets sent to Swarmers more than once before we feel like the client is going to call it a slam dunk. Even changing the color or the dimensions on one piece of creative can lead to the whole team retooling a piece of the project to make sure it meets our high expectations and is truly smack-talk worthy!

Here, we want to highlight a handful of Swarmers and how they react to being passed the ball via email, Slack or carrier pigeon and how they work together as a team to get it done!

Adam Binkley – Digital Strategist

I’m usually one of the first people to touch a new project and work on creating the overall campaign strategy. I work with clients to determine overarching digital marketing goals and objectives and then determine the appropriate tactics in order to reach those goals.

I take pride in understanding the client’s business needs and fitting my recommendations within those guard rails while still pushing their program forward and meeting goals.

Kelsey Oliver – Senior Account Manager

I work on every project under the sun! When a client comes to us with a problem, we figure out how to solve it. I get to act as the liaison between clients and Swarm to mutually agree on strategy and outcome, and I work with clients and internal teams to come together and produce quality work. I love it when a client looks good based on our outcome!

Kaila Scott – SEO Specialist

When a website gets passed my way, typically I need to audit the site for problems and opportunities. I may work closely with developers and UX/UI teams to ensure that the website is easily discoverable to bots and that user experience is not compromised.

As a search engine optimization specialist, my core goal is to make sure that our clients’ websites are being displayed first whether it be on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. While there may not be instant gratification, clients can expect a higher ROI and long-lasting results compared to other digital channels.

Preston Thibadoux – Paid Media Specialist

Generally, I will identify the media channels that I think will help the client achieve their goal. When goals are concretely identified and channels approved, I upload creative, sometimes write copy, layer in targeting and budgets, and hit the Go button.

I also plan out budgets, estimate performance, set up the campaigns with creative and targeting, and optimize campaigns to reach the desired goals. I really enjoy the detective work; if something’s not going as planned, I want to find out why and how to fix it.

John Robertson – Web Developer

My role at Swarm primarily centers on translating business requirements into functional code, but there is so much more to it than that! At our core we are craftsmen and artists using digital tools to build enriching, engaging experiences for our clients and their customers.

My tasks involve planning the logic and code structure, evaluating and implementing tools and libraries, identifying UX and UI concerns and challenges, collaboration with design, and ultimately building, testing and deploying the final site.

Brandon Jones – Website Analytics Associate

I help ensure the clients needs as far as website and campaign analytics, tagging, and QA. Develop data architecture and visualizations based on the clients needs, allowing for strategy and insight to be understood.

Tasks vary from Script Implementation/Tagging to Website/Campaign Analysis to Data Visualization/Architecture. I enjoy being able to help tell the full story, be it a website or campaign.