Five articles that have us buzzing this week

National Burrito Day 2021: Chipotle to give away free burritos and $100,000 in Bitcoin Thursday

Brands are always looking for creative promotions to bring in new audiences and we think Chipotle accomplishes this here. Not only are they using Bitcoin as a promo tool but they are also creating an accompanying digital game to find the Bitcoin. This could be an attempt to grab attention of an audience usually targeted by Taco Bell and other brands focused on attracting a younger audience. However, could Chipotle really be using this to test the popularity of Bitcoin on its current customer base and gauging interest in a possible rollout as a payment option?

Social media spend study shows digital marketing’s Covid ‘resiliency’ one year on

We all know that COVID impacted many industries negatively but more studies are proving a theory that many marketers had that digital marketing continued to grow despite the pandemic. The main cause of this being that people were stuck at home on their phones and computers for a year. What this article points out is that although digital marketing seems pretty resilient to external factors, consumers are now expecting improved digital experience even when the pandemic may be over.

Why Spelling Mistakes In Google Searches Are Actually A Good Thing

Google updated its algorithm to identify and solve spelling errors in searches. Previously, Google relied on keyboard design to identify misspelled words but now “the algorithm runs models with over 680 million parameters in less than two milliseconds”. It will also continuously learn as users interact with the “did you mean” suggestions.

Cheat sheet: Facebook, Google, Twitter CEOs signal support for content moderation rules in Section 230 reform

Social media CEOs seem to be open to changes to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This section focuses on regulating content on their platforms and being transparent about actions related to content moderation. Although these CEOs have self-regulated content on their platforms, actions by the federal government may impact other social media platforms and could be foreshadowing for even stricter regulations.

Tool Helps Firms Comply With Anti-Spam Laws

This tool could be a game changer for email teams everywhere. More and more states and countries are implementing data privacy and SPAM laws which can make keeping track of all the different laws a challenging task. Tools like this will give teams a centralized place to track and investigate spam and data issues and keep track of the ever changing laws.