FIVE ARTICLES THAT HAVE US BUZZING THIS WEEK Welcome to The Hive’s Friday Five, where we will share up to five articles each week that have Swarmers buzzing for the week, and a few of our thoughts on each of them! 44 Best Free SEO Tools (Tried & Tested) If you’re taking some of your free time to brush up on SEO and figure out where you can make an impact on a budget while many other things are on hold, check out this list of 44 free SEO tools. Thousands weighed in on their favorites, and Ahrefs tested each, then categorized them here for you! Google Shopping Free Product Listings Even Google is competing with Amazon right now, and they’re doing so by taking a step back (pre-2012) to make some product listings on the shopping tab free. This feature should be fully rolled out by now, and you’ll still see paid listings at the top and bottom, but it will be interesting to see how this plays out for organic search optimization. What Readers Want During COVID-19: B2B Edition Check out these Exploding Trends and B2B content ideas from Moz. Check out the findings and analyze them in context with your industry to come up with content ideas that haven’t yet peaked. Top 100 Fastest Growing & Declining Categories in E-commerce Consumer behavior has done a u-turn amid the coronavirus content, driving demand for e-commerce through the roof. Understandably, household necessities are seeing a surge while many recreational categories are seeing a decline. Client Spotlight: Orkin Pest Control Committed to keeping pests out of your home, Orkin has year-round service customized to your needs. Swarm has worked to create a paid search landing page in an effort to test phone calls and form submissions in comparison to the current landing page. After almost a week of results, we’re seeing a 3% increase in phone calls and a 62% increase in form fills. We’re excited to see what the results are after a month!