Five articles that have us buzzing this week

5 Tips for Managing PPC Following the Coronavirus Outbreak

As we start to return to normal, so are many consumer buying behaviors. This means that your media strategy should be adjusted to reflect the changing landscape. For many companies that boosted ecommerce during the pandemic, they should determine what new audiences will stay in the digital space and which ones that may return to in-person purchase options.

2021 SMS Marketing Benchmarks Report

If your company has not incorporated SMS into its marketing strategy, the time is now to test its viability. According to Attentive’s report, “Nearly 96% of marketers using text messaging say it’s helped them drive more revenue—and almost 60% say it’s significantly or overwhelmingly increased revenue generation.” SMS may not be for every audience but with results like these it could be a good addition to your overall communication strategy.

Walmart cooks up healthy eating experience based on Netflix show

Digital activation opportunities are growing and this is another example of that tactic. Walmart launched this partnership with Netflix and Partnership for a Healthier America to educate parents and children on better eating habits. This accomplishes many goals for Walmart by pushing people to their digital experience while growing trust in parents who may be wary of shopping at Walmart.

Yelp announces Custom Location Targeting and more features to expand reach for local businesses

Custom Location Targeting, budget recommendations, and the Connect Audience Model are among the new features for marketers to utilize on Yelp. With Location Targeting, businesses can set locations to target that are not the standard radius from a physical location. Connect Audience Model allows businesses to communicate with a broader base of Yelp users outside of just ones that follow their page.

Behavioural biases: Supercharge Search ads

This new study from Google proves a few things many marketers have believed for a while: showing up in search results matters (a lot!) and consumers respond to deals and third party recommendations.