Five articles that have us buzzing this week

Campaign Trail: Jimmy John’s bets on ‘strong DNA’ in rebrand designed for digital

Many companies have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to rebrand but Jimmy Johns took this a step further by rebranding with a digital-first focus. The sandwich maker introduced the new branding at the Super Bowl and simultaneously made a major social push to show-off it’s digital first approach. From ensuring imagery will work across channels to picking a different red so the app will stand out more on a smartphone, Jimmy Johns looked at all aspects of their brand through a digital lense for this refresh. Although digital is not the sole focus for all types of businesses, all businesses should now place a higher priority on their digital brand as more and more business is being done online.

Maryland Just Passed The Nation’s First Tax On Digital Ads—And Big Tech Is Worried

In a time when state economies need financial assistance, taxing digital ad spending could give states a lifeline but it does come at a cost, argues big tech companies. Big tech argues that local businesses rely on digital advertising and associated software to build awareness for the companies and these taxes could make it harder for them to advertise. For digital marketers, we need to keep an eye out for more states to follow suit and how these new taxes could affect campaign spending and associated metrics.

Labatt turns cases of beer into NHL arenas with Snapchat lens

Snapchat has been on the forefront of incorporating AR experiences into their platform and we continue to see brands using AR to create interesting campaigns. This new campaign by Labatt brings AR to customers using Snapcodes on boxes of beer that unlock a Marker Lens experience. When using fun AR experiences, companies need to ensure the campaign engages their target audience and excites them to buy products which this campaign definitely accomplishes.

Twitter Eyes Subscriptions for Premium Features

A paid feature could be a big shift for Twitter that has long been a free service, fully supported by advertisers. Twitter floated this idea to users last year via surveys and some ideas seemed to be the front runners, including a gated “Tweetdeck”, advanced analytics and exclusive content. However, the main thing digital marketers need to keep an eye on is the possibility of a limited or no ad subscription service. This could mean lower audience sizes and possibly impacts to targeting.

10 YouTube Videos That Every Small Business Should Create [infographic]

Many businesses struggle to create engaging, value-driven content across channels but sometimes have the hardest time with YouTube. The main reasoning behind this is usually budget to create professional video content. This infographic can help you direct your efforts in order to decide what kind of videos to shoot and important things to keep in mind while in production.