There are many types of love. There’s the excited feeling you get when you’re about to dig into a fresh pizza, and there are the indescribable emotions you experience when you’re around loved ones. Then there are the emotions you feel toward your work. You might not love every day, but it’s important to remember why you chose to do what you’re doing. It’s the rush you get when a client can’t stop talking about your work that keeps you going, and it’s the feeling of accomplishment when you wrap up a year-long project that keeps you coming back for more. For Valentine’s Day, we wanted to explore why Swarmer’s love their work and why they’re here. A handful of their answers are below.

What made you fall in love with advertising, or your specific field: development, strategy, etc?

“I love project management because it’s different every day. There is always a new challenge or client to work on. I love helping clients work through their goals and providing high quality deliverables and industry knowledge that impacts their business. I also enjoy organization and process which comes in handy.” – Taylor Grant, Engagement Manager

“I think I fell in love with the storytelling aspect of advertising: setup, conflict, resolution. Determining the perceived need of an audience, presenting compelling media that engages them and displays value, and then delivering a beneficial product or service in the end. Doing the necessary detective work along the journey is also fun.” – Preston Thibadoux, Paid Media Specialist

“As cheesy as it sounds, I fell in love with the idea of being a Creative in advertising at the World of Coca Cola museum, here in ATL. When it came down to what the frick I was going to do with my major in college, how to be an artist/create things and not starve – I thought back to that waiting room.” – KG, Designer

“I loved the idea of going into a field that was so versatile — being able to work with different markets is one of the biggest bonuses of my position. Whether it be a streaming channel, website, Amazon listing, or resume, there is always an opportunity to improve content for search engines.” – Kaila Scott, SEO Specialist

“The opportunity to learn something new every day made me fall in love with digital marketing and the opportunity to use those learnings to benefit my clients made me fall in love with strategy.” – Adam Binkley, Digital Strategist

Has it been an easy relationship, or did it take work?

“I believe it was a relationship that took hard work, dedication, and mentorship to become a healthy and successful relationship.” – Brandon Jones, Website Analyst

“It took A LOT of work being self-taught.” – Colby McHenry, Web Developer

“It has been a long-term spicy relationship. Always something new to learn and roadblocks to overcome. It’s not alway easy but is satisfying.” – Preston Thibadoux, Paid Media Specialist

How did it bring you to Swarm?

“It brought me to Swarm due to a shift in direction from my previous company. I am very appreciative that Swarm has kept data as a high priority and has trusted me to assist in that area.” – Brandon Jones, Website Analyst

“I met our CEO, Tom, through AMA and when there was a strategist role open, I was eager to join the team!” – Adam Binkley, Digital Strategist

“Before coming to Swarm, I created and managed websites for small businesses, but it wasn’t my passion. I wanted to work with a company that would let me specialize in one field, rather than becoming a general marketing associate. Swarm provided me with all the tools I needed to succeed.” – Kaila Scott, SEO Specialist

How has your love/interest changed since the beginning?

“I’ve grown and changed both professionally and personally in project management roles. I’ve adopted a different outlook on client relationships and that’s changed how I look at the work!” – Taylor Grant, Engagement Manager

“My interest has shifted from niche participation in campaigns to becoming a more present partner across all aspects of the relationship. I’m excited for the next stages of my new relationship.” – Preston Thibadoux, Paid Media Specialist

“It’s only grown :)” – Colby McHenry, Web Developer

“I have had the opportunity to be involved in many types of projects which has given me much deeper appreciation for the work that all teams do in order to make a digital marketing campaign happen. From account and project managers to developers and designers, it is beautiful to see people from so many backgrounds produce something amazing for our clients.” – Adam Binkley, Digital Strategist

“I’d say my love/interest for why I want to be a creative has not changed. In my role I am constantly learning what I do and do NOT want to do as I am given the opportunity to take on more responsibility and discover new ways to communicate/problem solve through design.” – KG, Designer