Every Marketing student that I go to school with at Georgia College & State University is jumping at opportunities to have an internship or study abroad this summer. I have been fortunate enough to land an internship at Swarm Agency, but my friends also interning have not had the opportunities that I have experienced.

Getting coffee, making copies, and running to lunch is what everyone thinks when they imagine a typical college internship. I have been given actual learning experiences and encountered real world scenarios that a student does not get in classes. I have had three experiences that stand apart from the rest and have given me knowledge that I did not expect to come out of this summer by just being an intern.

3 Top Experiences from Swarm

    1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key in the world of interactive and digital marketing. This practice helps a website to become more visible on a search engine, like Google, but not through paid advertisements. This is from what are called “organic search results,” and can really drive a company’s website to become top of the list. There are goals that SEO must meet to be effective, like getting indexed, increasing search result rank, building traffic and, of course, expanding the website’s prominence. In school you learn the basic meaning and the importance of SEO, but Swarm led the teaching by letting me tackle it in a real world situation.
    2. Google Analytics: Google Analytics can be learned in school if you decide to take an E-Commerce class or an interactive marketing class, but it is rarely taught in mainstream classes.Swarm allows me to learn and use Google Analytics for actual clients, and that forces me to really learn and apply the data to real world scenarios. Knowledge of how to read and analyze the detailed statistics of a website’s traffic, sources, and the measures of conversion and sales from Analytics will be extremely useful after I graduate. The knowledge that I gained just from this one category can set me apart in school and on my résumé when I finish school.
    3. Social Media: Using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others are a popular and useful way to promote your company and your products/services. People that don’t work in marketing fields know that companies use social media, but what they don’t know (and what I learned this summer) is that it isn’t just some guy hanging out on Facebook posting statuses. Swarm has taught me that posting social media content for clients is much more than logging on to Twitter and tweeting a random status every day. I have learned how to organize, properly write, and cite on social media sites. Learning about the proper way to run social media sites for clients has been one of the most interesting and useful things I have learned at Swarm.

This internship is something that I will not take for granted. The knowledge, the people, and the agency have helped me grow as a student and as a future marketer. Working at Swarm, from the first day, has felt like I have worked here for years and the family this agency has created is something amazing.

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