It’s been a struggle for digital marketing agencies to find out if and when Facebook would release a “tool” that would house all of its clients Facebook Pages, workflow, and ad campaigns under one login. It is safe to say, the wait is finally over! On April 28th Facebook announced its official launch of Business Manager, a tool to help large businesses and agencies better manage their Facebook Pages, apps, ad accounts and the people who work on them. What are the benefits of Business Manager? There are three key benefits to Facebook’s Business Manager:
  • Everything is under one login and one place – Eliminating the task of logging in and out.
  • Increased control – Assign the right roles to people and easily revoke permissions.
  • More efficiency – Create brand pages and ad campaigns to grow your business faster.
Here is an illustration of the Business Manager interface: Below is how a client or agency can manage a Brand Page and how to control access and permissions: Facebook has slowly rolled out Business Manager and currently has a sign up form for businesses and agencies interested in being notified when Business Manager will be available. To learn more and to sign up, visit Need To Create Buzz For Your Brand? Swarm understands that great content and providing relevant information for your consumer’s needs across many channels will always lead to a successful and sustainable digital strategy. We take the time to research your industry, competitors, and digital landscape when recommending a strategy. For more information about how Swarm can create buzz for you and your brand, click here to contact us. Source: Wasserman, T. (2014, April 28). Facebook Rolls Out ‘Business Manager’ Tool For Marketers.’ Retrieved from