Analytics   |   March 17, 2014

A Look at the Recently Unveiled Google Adwords Innovations

A minute read by Sean Ryan, Senior Manager, Search & Analytics

Back in March I wrote a blog about features and capabilities within AdWords that I hoped would be a part of the innovations that were unveiled during a highly publicized live webcast last week. While the improvements that were showcased didn’t address the functionality shortcomings that I discussed, there were still  plenty of improvements to be excited about:


  1. More  Focus On App Promotion and Integration
    Having helped drive millions of app  downloads, Google is no amateur when it comes to one of the most popular  consumer content touch points in the digital world. Across the board Google is  ramping up the promotional capabilities for users looking to drive app downloads.  Not only is Google providing more opportunity to drive downloads, but they are  also introducing features focused around re-engaging users that have already  downloaded apps. For instance, a user who has already downloaded a restaurant  review app and searches for “best places to eat in Atlanta” could potentially  see an ad that provides the ability to directly open the already-installed app  up to information relevant to their search. On top of all of this, Google also  has plans to expand and enhance the measurement of conversions across the  entire app lifecycle.


  3. More  Investment in Measurement
    Having received positive feedback for  their Estimated Total Conversions metric, Google is putting more focus on  improving the accuracy and reliability of conversion measurement, especially as  it pertains to the measurement of offline conversions as a result of online  interactions. While this portion of the overall presentation was slightly vague  in terms of what we can expect, it’s important to note Google’s continued focus  on providing more ways to measure ROAS.


  5. Better  Reporting
    This part of the webcast was my  personal favorite, as I’ve long been an advocate of an improved reporting  system that would eliminate the manual data-scrubbing that most AdWords account  managers are doing on a daily basis. For those familiar with Excel  “PivotTables”, Google plans to incorporate a similar feature within their  reporting capabilities. Not only will this save users the time involved in  downloading and manipulating the basic reports that currently exist, but this  tool will allow live campaign analysis at all times in a multitude of formats.  Couple this with more automated bidding capabilities as well as more bulk  action capabilities, and you have a lot of small improvements that will go a  long way in helping account managers use their time more efficiently.


    Google  hasn’t released a timeline for each of these improvements, saying they will be  rolling these out over the next few months. I think it’s safe to say there are  features within this rollout that everyone can get excited for, and that  everyone will find beneficial.