With summer 2017 ahead of us and a shiny new internship getting added to our resumes, all of us mini Swarmies were ready and eager for the opportunities that lay ahead of us at Swarm Agency. Thinking back to May, we could not wait to get our hands on some real-life experience and get started on our internship project. From working on website redesigns, to managing clients’ social media, to discovering insights on search queries and managing an entire team, we had a busy summer at hand. But each of us has loved every minute of it, and have come to understand #agencylife. As the summer is coming to a close, we want to share some of our experiences with you.

Abigail Gebo – Project Management Intern

Throughout my internship as a project manager I’ve been able to learn so much about how the industry works (and all of the acronyms that come along with it). One of the things that I’ve enjoyed the most is getting to be hands-on with the entire internal team, and with that being able to learn a little bit about each department. This experience has given me a lot of insight into digital marketing and all the components that play into it.

I’ve also had a great time getting to work with so many people and all of their personalities. This has taught me a lot about how to work with a team and how to communicate effectively in order to get the task at hand done.

Erin Hill – SEO Intern

One of the biggest perks about working at an agency is getting to collaborate with all of our clients on projects.The biggest challenge I’ve faced while at Swarm is creating client-ready documents and presentations. It’s one thing to have all of the information, and another to present it in a way that is beautiful and succinct. This summer, Swarm challenged me to learn how to create deliverables that are not only professional but thorough and comprehensive.

When we present our recommendations and designs to our Swarm peers, we’ve all been trying to improve our presentation skills. Even though we’ve had some slip ups, I think that we’ve all gained insights on how important it is to be proactive and prepared when sharing our findings.

Aleah Galbreath – Social Media Intern

One thing that surprised me from my experience at Swarm is how much detailed planning and correspondence goes into compiling a client’s social media calendar. Having the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and conference calls really opened my eyes to the whole process of assisting clients with their social media posts and campaigns. Every client is unique, so it was interesting to see how much or how little support each one required.

Working alongside my fellow Swarm interns has been an awesome learning experience. I’m really happy with how our final project has turned out. Collaborating on this project has given us all a lot of insight on what working on a real client project would be like.

Branden Mangus – Graphic Design Intern

During my internship I’ve had the opportunity to participate in work for real-life clients and that’s what I have been most proud of throughout my time here at Swarm. I’ve been able to design pieces for our clients that was seen by them and their consumers. Knowing that thousands of people’s eyes will be looking at work that I helped produce is something that I am extremely proud of.

I’ve had a great time getting to know our client’s brands and getting to be creative with them. It’s given me the opportunity to develop my design skills and learn so many new things, which is something that I really wanted out of my internship.


Together, we are so proud of the work that we created from the ground up this summer and of all of the awesome projects we got to help our team and Swarm’s clients on. This experience has been so much more than we hoped for (no coffee-to-creamer ratio horror stories for us!), and we’re sad to see it come to an end. Thank you, Swarm, for challenging us, teaching us and for pushing us to become the next generation of great marketers!