Five articles that have us buzzing this week

Twitter Announces Initial Test of Ads in Fleets, Flags Expansion of Full-Screen Format Ads

Last November, Twitter launched its take on the stories format, Fleets, with hopes of providing more content sharing options for users. It was also a solution for users who wanted to share more but feared having the content being used against them later. This past Tuesday, Twitter launched the initial test of Fleet ads with selected partners in the US on both iOS and Android that offers prominent placement of non-intrusive ads in a full-screen, vertical format.

F8 Refresh: Messenger API for Instagram Extended to All Developers

The Messenger API for Instagram is now available to all developers building messaging experiences on the network. This will allow business accounts to integrate Instagram messaging with preferred applications and workflows, helping them drive more meaningful conversations, customer satisfaction, and grow sales.

Google Tightens ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ Policies for Android Ad ID

Google recently announced to mobile developers that they would zero out (display a string of zeros) the Android Advertising ID for opted-out users later this year. Unlike Apple, Google is taking a quieter approach to enforcing anonymity when people have opted out of ad personalization by not prompting users to decide. It’s said that this is only the beginning of Google and Android’s march towards stricter privacy standards.

Facebook, Twitter and a future of social that’s increasingly audio

Podcasts have boomed in the past year and now are leading a new generation as live conversations become the new social experience. With the success of social media start-ups like Clubhouse and Discord, the new format of live chats has social media giants stepping up their efforts to keep their control over internet experiences.

HBO Max with Ads promises that on this $10 tier, less advertising is more

Since its origin, HBO has prided itself on being free of advertising until now. For the very first time, WarnerMedia will offer its premium subscription service for $5 less on HBO Max with Ads. More than 35 brands across all major categories are slated to go live on HBO Max this month, but the brand hopes everyone will like most about the change is how little they notice ads at all.