Five articles that have us buzzing this week

Yelp Sets Pride Month Initiatives

Yelp is celebrating Pride Month with a new business attribute that will enable LGBTQ-owned businesses to self-identify as such, and it will highlight food, nightlife and restaurant businesses that identify as LGBTQ-owned or Open to All with rainbow-colored map pins throughout the month of June.

Black market in Google reviews means you can’t believe everything you read

Using data gathering and analysis techniques, a CBC News investigation has catalogued just a portion of one fake review network: 1,279 businesses across North America connected by 208 fake accounts that posted 3,574 fake reviews.

‘What Gets Measured, Gets Managed’

For too long, publishers have lacked simple effectiveness metrics to demonstrate the value of advertising in their environments. Measuring in terms of viewability or reach, for instance, does not equate to actual campaign effectiveness. Sure, it’s great to reach people, but does the campaign create the impact you want?

Apple and Google Privacy Updates: the Impact on Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

User privacy has moved to the forefront of the digital advertising conversation over recent months. The most significant developments recently are Apple’s iOS14 app tracking transparency and Google Chrome’s intent to shift away from 3rd party cookies.

Doom CAPTCHA is an Entertaining Way of Proving You’re Human

Instead of browsing square after square, this tiny applet tasks you with shooting an imp in the face, while a track from the original Doom plays in the background. Hit the imp four times and you “win”, which, if this was used on a regular website, would grant you access to whatever page you were trying to browse to.