Five articles that have us buzzing this week

7 Ways to Influence Buyer Decisions with Marketing Psychology

The brain. It is the control center for every process in your body, every feeling you have, every movement. It’s fascinating to think about how many commands and signals it sends and receives every day. But with so much to do, and at such a fast pace, your brain is always looking for ways to get its jobs done faster. When it comes time to make a judgment or act, the brain largely relies on past information it has stored in order to quickly reach a verdict—even at the expense of the quality of the decision.

YouTube is a media juggernaut that could soon equal Netflix in revenue

Google’s YouTube is already the world’s largest online video platform. If continues growing the way it has the last several quarters, it could also match Netflix in revenues by year’s end.

How to Map Your Hubspot Ecommerce Customer Journey [Template Included]

The eCommerce customer journey is just like any customer journey. It describes the entire experience that a customer goes through to purchase a product from a company online. From the moment they’re aware of your product to when they complete the purchase and reach out to customer support. This article shows how to map your eCommerce company’s customer journey. Plus, you can download some templates to help you get started.

Global Spending on Advertising Expected to Surpass $630 Billion Dollars in 2024

Advertising and Branding agencies are part of that lucky group of business sectors that actually increased revenues because of the Pandemic. People have had more free time to surf the net to buy things… to see things… to participate in things…all of which are advertised! eCommerce and eSports are some of the fastest growing beneficiaries. Growth will likely come as the proliferation of digital mediums, such as tablets and smartphones, provide new revenue streams and increased demand for digital advertising services.

The Top AI Trends and Challenges Impacting the Media, Advertising, and Entertainment Industries

This article is comprised of interviews with some of the top data science leaders from Comcast/Freewheel, Condé Nast, ViacomCBS, Audoir, USA Today Network, and Samba TV on the biggest trends, challenges, and opportunities they see for ML & AI in media, advertising, & entertainment — and what the future may hold.