Five articles that have us buzzing this week

This Free Image Library of Real Women Exercising Tackles Harmful Stereotypes

In the story of David and Goliath, be David: How to Amazon-proof your business

Amazon can be harmful to your ecommerce business by taking away traffic and providing similar products at lower prices and free delivery. However, if you can learn to use Amazon to your benefit the payoff can be immense. One of the main focuses when partnering with Amazon should be how to maintain your brand identity while being on the Amazon branded site. We also partner with clients to ensure Amazon is complementing their overall digital marketing strategy and not cannibalizing business from other channels.

LinkedIn Provides New Worksheets to Help Map Out Your On-Platform Ad Campaigns

Swarm has seen great success in using Linkedin advertising for B2B companies (and even select B2C companies) and with the expansion of features offered we hope to ramp this up even more in 2021. If you are new to Linkedin marketing, this worksheet can help you determine your overall Linkedin strategy and the associated ad types for each stage in the funnel.

Google tests displaying cost estimates in local search results

Adding cost estimates to search results may become a divisive issue with consumers and businesses reacting very differently. As a consumer, I LOVE this idea. Being able to see cost estimates for services combined with average ratings would save a lot of time when vetting a new business. As a business, this would make me a little nervous, however, current cost estimates are not specified by business but rather by service. Providing cost estimates could still impact customer experience and companies should ensure they are looking into this feature and informing call center staff of the potential impact.

Everything Brands Need to Know About Clubhouse [Infographic]

The new social media app Clubhouse has been in the news a lot lately but given the rising popularity it may be a good time to determine if it is a good fit for your brand. Clubhouse is invite only and gives users the ability to connect in rooms via audio recordings. Brands have already been successfully using this to target customers based on interests and getting in now while it is not on most companies’ radars could help cut through the social media noise.