Five articles that have us buzzing this week

NBCUniversal Moves TV Stations, Regional Sports Networks To Impression-Based Ad Deals 02/23/2021

NBCUniversal is moving away from using the longstanding Nielsen ratings in order to compete with the granularity that digital marketing analytics can provide. This will also allow for reporting of broadband only (cord cutters) homes by Neilsen, giving a more holistic view of the audiences.

Amazon Is Millennials’ No. 1 Brand. So Is Purpose-Driven Marketing Fruitless?

Customer experience or purpose-driven marketing, what propels customers to buy products? This article presents an interesting perspective in a world seemingly overtaken by purpose-driven marketing. Even before the pandemic, millennial purchasing behavior drove companies to become more purpose-driven, however, companies where this is not an emphasis are still ranking as millennials’ top brands. These companies, Amazon, Nike, etc. have all been at the forefront of customer experience and it may show that millennials and other customers say they want purpose-driven companies but in reality they purchase from companies that make their lives easier.

10 B2B social media post ideas to stand out in a crowded social landscape

Are your B2B social posts getting boring or lacking engagement? This article gives some fresh ideas on how to engage B2B audiences on social media and hopefully get you more leads. Swarm has seen success (both for us and our clients) with taking viewers behind the scenes and sharing thought leadership content. Potential customers want to feel comfortable with your company not only from a industry expertise standpoint but also from a relationship-building standpoint.

Unusual Call To Action Examples That Actually Work

Marketers are on a never ending quest to find that perfect CTA. From copy and color to placement and size, we test and test to optimize our CTAs across channels. However, sometimes we forget to just ask ourselves, would I click that? Getting into the mindset of your customers can help decide the creative elements with a little help from articles like these with some out-of-the-box ideas.

LinkedIn Pages Updated With New Features

LinkedIn has launched some new features and some impact the way that companies can advertise through the platform. One of the more exciting features is free lead gen forms on product pages. Last year, Linkedin introduced product pages for companies to highlight a product and now those pages come with a free lead gen form (similar to the paid option for company pages).