Five articles that have us buzzing this week

Building a privacy-first future for web advertising

This week Google announced progress on their alternative to third-party cookies. Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) seeks to give marketers the information they need while keeping individual user data anonymous. The Privacy Sandbox with FLoC technology will also contain tools for audience creation, conversion measurement, and more all without the use of third-party cookies. FLoC will be available for public testing in March and initial tests have shown that marketers should see up to 95% of the conversion activity that they saw when using third-party cookies.

U.S. Adults Added Hour Of Digital Media Consumption In 2020, Video Up 27 Minutes

As we expected, time spent consuming digital content rose in 2020 due to the pandemic and should continue to increase throughout 2021. The vaccine rollout and a hopeful return to normalcy will only slow this increase as people start leaving their homes. Even though users will be out more, digital media consumption will just shift between devices and not be lost altogether.

Agency Leaders Discuss Mission Critical Challenges, Opportunities For 2021

For many agency leaders, data and analytics technology provides the most opportunity in the coming year. New ways to model, automate, and visualize data started to pick up a lot of steam this year as most teams moved virtual and there was a growing need to make data easily digestible and actionable.

10 VCs say interactivity, regulation and independent creators will reshape digital media in 2021

Many agencies and marketing journals have already made their predictions about the digital marketing landscape but this article gives an interesting perspective from the VC point of view. The rise of streaming services is one major point that digital marketers need to keep a keen eye on in 2021. Although cutting the cord has been a trend for years, additional streaming services like video game streaming will add even more opportunities to market your product however many companies will need to investigate how these additional touchpoints change their customer’s journey and overall experience.

Snapchat Launches Test of Dark Mode with Small Percentage of Users

Snapchat is the latest platform to introduce dark mode options for users joining most other social media platforms and channels such as email. It is currently in testing and only available for a limited number of users but should be expanding in the near future.