Five articles that have us buzzing this week

Brands Position Halloween As Engagement Opportunity With Product Launches & Digital Campaigns

A few brands are using the holiday to engage with their target audiences. Instead of closing the coffin on Halloween, brands like ColourPop, Hostess and Butterfinger are connecting with their audiences through engaging campaigns and product launches this month.

Explore the subliminal messaging on your Halloween candy’s label

Seemingly inconsequential features of packaging, like color, typeface, and label material, can deeply influence what we taste.

Heinz challenges TikTok users to make Halloween transformations with ketchup

Combining the rise of TikTok and Halloween giveaways, Heinz is challenging TikTok users to share videos of their Halloween preparations for a chance to win a bottle of its limited-edition Heinz Tomato Blood Ketchup.

Brands have some new tricks up their sleeves this Halloween

The pandemic has pushed marketers to adopt more digital and mobile tactics, with promising early results as sales of chocolate and candy tick upward.

Home Depot’s sold-out giant Halloween skeletons creep into brands’ social feeds

How brands take the most popular Halloween Decoration and join the social conversation.