Five articles that have us buzzing this week

The Pros and Cons of Using PPC Bid Management Tools

Here are the pros and cons of using bid management tools and the different scenarios where one might make the most sense.

What Copywriters Can Learn From a Good Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Capture that “can’t look away” feeling with copy, with inspiration from these spooky story trends.

Why 2020’s Eco-Friendly Branding Isn’t Crunchy or Granola Anymore

“Clean” branding is evolving in 2020 and going bold. Especially since we’re all concerned that it actually kills germs and isn’t just eco-friendly.

The Three Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes of 2020

Have you tried to go to a bank during COVID? Many financial institutions are missing out on the low-hanging fruit that exists in today’s digital marketing landscape.

Digital advertising keeps growing during the coronavirus pandemic

It’s been a year that no one predicted overall, and especially with digital advertising. As we head into the holiday season, see how trends in advertising this year have shifted and what we might be able to expect as we round out 2020. Hint: you’ll find out just how many email lists you’re still on.