If you’ve checked your Gmail, opened Google Chrome, or completed a Google search during the past week, you’ve probably noticed something different.

On September 1st, Google announced a new logo and identity, which is rolling out over Google’s products and platforms. Among the major changes is a sans-serif font for the colored letters, as well as a new uppercase “G” for its small mark, which is divided into blue, red, yellow and green.

New Google "G" Logo Mark

So far, it seems like we all either love or hate the new Google logo. I personally like it for the more timeless aesthetic and ease of reading it across different platforms like apps and mobile search. But regardless of how you feel about the new look, it’s clear that Google wanted an identity change that reflects what the search engine stands for in the year 2015.

A logo is more than something to put on a website or marketing materials. It symbolizes where the company has been and where it is going. It is designed to tell a story. And what users see day-to-day should match that story. Take the four colors in the new Google “G.” Yes, they serve the purpose of looking pretty, but they also represent the increasingly interwoven platforms that you use everyday like Search, Gmail, Maps and Chrome.

Brands should be constantly evolving, and when they do, they need a new look to match their new identity.

That’s why Swarm is also introducing a new logo. In it, we’ve incorporated a new icon, one that is timeless and truly describes what we stand for.

Made up of five hexagons, our icon represents the way our team unites to achieve unimaginable goals. It also symbolizes movement, with each hexagon a contribution to the larger picture: continuously progressing, growing larger and becoming more powerful.

We are no longer just a conversion marketing agency. We are a collaborative hive that strives to help our clients better connect with their consumers, no matter what channel it involves or how challenging the goals may be. And Swarm needed a new identity that reflects that.

Like Google, our story here at Swarm is constantly evolving. And we’ve created a new brand identity to share it with you. We can’t wait to tell you more about what’s next!