Technology   |   April 10, 2014

Say Hello to LinkedIn’s New Showcase Page

A minute read by Jay Yu, Account Manager

Beginning on April 14, 2014, LinkedIn will be removing the Services tab from Company Pages and replacing it with Showcase Pages. There’s no need to worry because they’re adding an improvement that is going to make things a lot easier.


If  your company has a large collection of products and services, it’s not easy  presenting all of the information on LinkedIn’s Services Tab. You’ve either got  a variety of products to present or you want to target a more specific audience.  So what are you supposed to do?

Use  LinkedIn’s Showcase Pages for each of your brands.

What are Showcase Pages?
  Showcase  Pages are separate pages from the company’s profile that provide a way to  promote specific products and content to a more targeted audience. They also  allow LinkedIn users to follow these pages without following the company’s page,  to make it easier to promote the things that matter most to your followers.

Showcase Page  Specifications:

  • You must be a Company Page administrator to create a Show Page.
  • The Showcase Page description allows between 75-200 characters.
  • Maximum size of Hero Image is set at 2 MB, with a minimum of 974 x 330  pixels.
  • The logo size is set at 100 x 60 pixels.
  • The Showcase Page URL is presented as:[showcase_page_name}

How to Create a Showcase  Page:

  • Click the dropdown arrow  next to the blue ‘Edit’ button and select ‘Create a Showcase Page’
  • Enter a page name and assign  administrators for the new page before clicking ‘Create’
  • At this point, the page  exists but it won’t appear until you choose to ‘Publish’ the page.

Note – You can create a maximum of 10 Showcase Pages  through your Company Page. If you need more, you can request additional pages here.

How can I SEO Optimize my  Showcase Page?
  Always  remember that your page is more likely to be found via search by having more  original content posted on the page.

  • Optimize the text throughout the page
  • Post high quality updates multiple times a week
  • Use applicable keywords

Regardless  of the social strategy you choose to pursue, it’s essential to utilize this new  feature to further extend the reach of your company. Showcase Pages are meant  to create long term promotions that when used correctly, provide a fresh way to  offer content to the people who care about it the most. Just remember to use  these beneficial strategies and guidelines to increase the value of your new  page.