“Without collaboration, our growth is limited to our own perspectives.” – Robert John Meehan

When the iPhone first burst onto the scene in the summer of 2007, Steve Jobs was credited with introducing the world to a whole new way of using your cellphone. The general public was never the same. However, looking back (and delving deeper into the famed product’s history), we can see that it was the creation of a whole host of people. From engineers, to developers, all the way down to manufacturers – each person, each team was integral part of the iPhone’s success.

Collaboration is what strengthens any company’s end product. Collaboration:

Strengthens Your Product Through Diversity

If you only look at a problem through one frame of mind, then your solution is confined to only what you know, or can see. If you involve a whole host of people, from different backgrounds, with different perspectives, you can see a whole new side to the problem. At Swarm, for instance, we have a diverse team from all types of professional backgrounds. This makes it easy for us to come together, and brainstorm on a topic. We get input from say, the SEO standpoint, or the developer side of things – thus producing a stronger, and more well-rounded solution.

Produces More Ideas

Great ideas are the bedrock for any agency. No one wants to produce the same, carbon copy campaign year after year. The world strives for innovation! Coming together to brainstorm on a topic, naturally produces more ideas. After all, two heads are better than one.

Leads to Learning

Everytime you push outside of your comfort zone, you learn something new. Collaborating as a team is great way to push one another. At Swarm, we love to have lunch-and-learns, where we get together to educate ourselves on something brand new. We have topics ranging anywhere from personality types, to user experience, all the way down to the art of the perfect pitch.

Creates a United Team

With collaboration, everyone on your team feels like they can make a difference. Each opinion, vision and voice can be heard and addressed. This fosters a great sense of unity among your team members. At Swarm, we like to think of our clients as our team members too! For our projects at Swarm, we love to involve our client’s team in each step of the process. This includes hosting digital days, inviting them to work in our office with us and treating them like family.

So, go out there, and start working together! The next great idea is waiting to be created.