10 years ago, my wife, Alexa, and I started Swarm out of our 1,000 square foot house in Smyrna, GA. We started out as a small consultancy helping small to mid-size businesses with web design/development. As a naive entrepreneur, I remember going around to other agency owners and asking them what contributed to their success. Thanks to the comradery that exists in our Atlanta marketing community, I received a lot of really valuable advice that we put into practice from day one.

One of the biggest principles that has allowed Swarm to morph from where we were 10 years ago to who we are today is the idea of “continuous improvement.” We have never stayed stagnant. We are always looking for how to improve:

  1. Our team and its skill sets
  2. Services for our clients
  3. Relationships

While our services and expertise have grown quite a bit over the years, our entrepreneurialism and ability to be scrappy when needed has allowed us to push out award-winning work for our clients that generates countless, meaningful improvements to our clients’ businesses.

Throughout the years, we have built a phenomenal team, brought on many wonderful clients, and built our service offerings to allow us to be one of the top digital strategy agencies in Atlanta. Through countless late nights, personal growth as a team, and the never-ending quest for continuous improvement, we have accomplished so much to be proud of, won countless awards, and have had the privilege of working with so many great companies and brands.

Four offices, 42 clients, thousands of cups of coffee (and alcohol), and hundreds of relationships later, we have found ourselves in a great spot growing into 2019. I wanted to take the time to thank our clients, partners, and team members (both past and present) that have contributed to our continued success.

Cheers to another 10 years of continued great work, life-long relationships, and growth as a team!