*Cue the Swarm team singing an off-pitched Happy Birthday!*

That’s right! Swarm is turning 10 this month! And yes, we are using it as an excuse to celebrate all month long. As we look back on an exceptional 10 years, we wanted to ask the team what they appreciate most about Swarm. Here’s our top 10 (because we couldn’t include the extensive list):

1. Team Mentality – There’s no “I” in Swarm. We know, super cheesy, but very true. It’s agency life where we sometimes have our long days, but having a team that you know is right there with you in the thick of it all makes it that much better.

“I appreciate the flexibility and autonomy at Swarm. I’m not micromanaged. I’m trusted that I’ll do a good job at whatever needs to be done.” – Sarah, Executive Assistant

2. Flexible Work Schedule – We get it. You should work to live, not live to work. Our flexible work schedule and open PTO policy lets us find our perfect grind time and take a little vacay when needed. This also builds accountability and promotes good communication among team members.

“Swarm Jenga games are my favorite! It brings the whole office together for a quick brain break.” – Erin, SEO Specialist

3. Team Bonding – From our annual fiercely competitive field day to our random Jenga games in the office, our team bonding and overall office culture is a huge part of what makes us Swarm.

4. Beer Cart Friday – Does this really need an explanation? Cheers, guys!

“The trusting relationship we have with our clients is what I believe really sets Swarm apart. Getting to partner with them everyday to improve their businesses is why I come to work.” – Jason, VP, Accounts & Strategy

5. Clients – Our clients are the reason we are here everyday and we couldn’t be luckier to work with not only awesome brands, but innovative clients. Cheers to our clients who are really more like an extension of our team and allow us to be an extension of theirs, #HonorarySwarmers.

“The best part of Swarm is the people, duhh.” – Andrew, Senior UI Developer

6. The People, Duhh – Andrew said it well! The average person spends around 13 years of their life working. In other words if you don’t work with people you enjoy, that is going to be a longgg 13 years. Thankfully, here at Swarm we have a team who is always willing to pitch in and get sh*t done.

“My favorite thing about working at Swarm is the constant support from my boss. She’s a strong believer in women’s equality and pushes me to lean in every single day I’m at the office.” – Abigail, Project Manager

7. Approachable Leadership – At some companies, the leadership team may seem almost untouchable. Here at Swarm ours are consistently available to get in the weeds with you or just lend some mentorship.

8. Dog Days… are the best days. It’s no secret having dogs provides great benefits, so why not bring them into work?! Don’t believe us or need some data to convince your boss? We’ve got you covered!

“Everyone is always willing to help in anyway that they can.” – Georgi, Lead Developer

9. The Hustle – We play (preferably Jenga) hard, but hustle harder. The success of Swarm is heavily due to the hustle that our team has coming into work everyday. We’ll take a challenge over an easy task any day.

10. Continuous Improvement – The marketing world is continually evolving into something bigger and better which keeps us on our toes. To provide the best results for our clients, we are constantly learning and digging for new and innovative ways to market to our client’s target audiences.

Here’s to 10 more years of innovation, teamwork and celebrations!