Generates Direct-to-Consumer Revenue through E-Commerce

The Brief

Since 1996, TRU-SPEC has been the leading suppliers of apparel to military, law enforcement and public safety markets. TRU-SPEC also caters to consumers through a global dealer network. Their products expand well beyond the United States, and are sold all over the world.

The Challenge

For 65 years, TRU-SPEC sold their products through distribution only, with no direct consumer purchases or communication. Selling only through distributors makes it difficult for consumers to feel connected to a brand, which is becoming more and more important to both online and offline consumers.

Swarm Rebrands TRU-SPEC Online

Swarm dove into performing an online re-brand, and quickly saw a lift in customer engagement and improved perception of the brand. The success of the online rebrand allowed Swarm to recognize the consumer need and business opportunity for TRU-SPEC to begin selling directly to consumers through an e-commerce website.

Swarm helps generate Direct-to-Consumer Revenue through E-Commerce

With 51% of sales being made online and 75% of consumers desiring a more personalized shopping experience in today’s market, building an e-commerce platform was the big idea that TRU-SPEC needed to take its brand and its sales to the next level. Combined with a digital marketing plan and paid media, TRU-SPEC generated a 3x positive return on investment while still driving an 11% increase in traffic to the dealer locator for those who still prefer to find a location near them.

Outside of an additional revenue stream, selling direct allows TRU-SPEC  to control their story and direct messaging to consumers. This direct messaging allows TRU-SPEC to not only gain a sale, but also begin a relationship with a purchaser. TRU-SPEC now has over 16k email subscribers to continue building that relationship with. With Swarm taking the lead on the design and copy of these emails and paid media ads, TRU-SPEC is now in the driver’s seat of their narrative.

By The Numbers

  • TRU-SPEC saw a 52% increase in revenue Quarter-over-Quarter
  • TRU-SPEC saw a 20% increase in active website users Quarter-over-Quarter
  • TRU-SPEC saw a positive return on investment (ROI) 3x their average growth