Shane's Rib Shack

Website Redesign Improves Local Search and User Experience

The Appetizer

There are fewer things more comforting and delicious than a big ole plate of barbecue and southern sides like coleslaw and mac and cheese. So you can imagine that it would be a little frustrating if you couldn’t locate your favorite BBQ joint on Google or Bing when a craving kicks in.

In an effort to optimize their website for search engines and update it with the latest ADA requirements, Shane’s Rib Shack reached out to Swarm to help their hungry customers before they turned into hangry customers.

The Entree

One of the most unique aspects of Shane’s new website is that it is completely dynamic by location. Everything from the menu items, prices, catering, contact information, and more change to show you only the information from the store that is closest to your current location. Sayonara, frantically trying to figure out where a Shane’s is nearby because the site does all of the heavy lifting for you. This functionality works on desktop and mobile, so no matter where you are, finding a Shane’s Rib Shack and a Big Dad® sandwich is fast and simple.

Shane's Website

Swarm also freshened up the entire website with a crisp, modernized redesign. We consolidated the menu into easy to use tabs, minimized color to draw a users eye to the mouthwatering food and populated as much information as possible without the user having to click a single button. See all that gorgeous white space? This allows a users brain to take a break from information overload, while still finding everything that they need. Side note: The Swarm team was very hungry throughout the design process because have you seen their food?!


Shane's website before




Shane's website after

With their previous website, managing all of the locations was a nightmare. The Swarm development team took their skills to another level when building the CMS to ensure that every member of the Shane’s internal team would be able to easily update and access site information.

Best for Last...Dessert!

Now what kind of agency would we be if we didn’t talk numbers? Don’t worry, we’re not that kind. So far, Shane’s Rib Shack’s new site has resulted in these awesome results:

  • 10% increase in traffic
  • 41% increase in pageviews
  • 162% increase in page’s/session
  • 64% increase in time spent on the site
  • 7% increase in organic sessions

To see more of Shane’s new website visit