GLOCK Safety Pledge

GLOCK Redefines Firearms Safety Education and Promotion

The Brief

The conversation around firearms is a passion point for so many in this country who believe strongly about the topic and exercise their Freedom of Speech. Having a client who is one of the top firearm manufacturers in the country creates a number of brand reputation and community management opportunities across GLOCK, Inc.’s digital platforms. Swarm needed to find a way to put a positive message around a controversial topic. The answer was to tie in June’s National Safety Month with GLOCK’s 30th anniversary. After all, safety is a topic everyone can agree on.


Let’s Break It Down

The 2016 GLOCK Safety Pledge (GSP) consisted of an aggressive social media strategy on GLOCK’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels that drove visitors to a customized and community-focused microsite. Upon arriving on the site, visitors could “Pledge, Practice, and Promote” firearm safety and officially sign the 2016 Safety Pledge. Fans could then share their Pledge on their social media profiles and enter-to-win a limited edition GLOCK 30th Anniversary pistol. The microsite served as an educational and awareness tool that spread the message of “Firearm Safety” across digital platforms and across diverse communities.


Swarm Dominates with an Interactive Online Awareness Campaign

GLOCK’s Safety Pledge campaign is unparalleled. In fact, no other major firearms competitor runs a campaign specifically focused on promoting safety. Swarm not only wanted GLOCK fans to take the pledge themselves, but to continue to spread the message to their friends, family and others in their social networks. The person who promoted the GLOCK Safety Pledge online the most was named GLOCK’s official 2016 Safety Ambassador. The winner was announced during a popular Facebook Live event with Team GLOCK Captain, Shane Coley.


Swarm Manages GLOCK’s Robust Online Community

As GLOCK fans took to social media, it was important to monitor the conversations and engage with fans throughout the month. Because GLOCK is such a reputable and respected brand, to be noticed by the company on social media is a huge deal to fans. The added engagement delighted them and further motivated participants to compete to win the Safety Ambassador of the Year contest. The Safety Pledge microsite also featured an interactive tagboard that allowed participants to see other fans who were also taking the pledge.


Cool Design, High Engagement

When it comes to safety, it’s important to be efficient and direct. Our design of the GLOCK Safety Pledge microsite is a direct reflection of that. With creative copy, a video message from GLOCK spokesperson R. Lee Ermey, aka “The Gunny,” and the opportunity to easily join an impactful movement, the GSP microsite knocked it out of the park with over 42k unique page views.


The Results

  • Pledges blew past the 8k goal, with more than 15k fans taking the 2016 Safety Pledge
  • This represented a 46% increase in the number of people who took the GLOCK Safety Pledge in 2016 versus the prior year.
  • There were 42,475 unique page views on the Safety Pledge microsite