GLOCK Follow The Four

Leading the Outdoor Industry in Gun Safety through #FollowTheFour

The Challenge:

Responsible gun ownership is a top priority at GLOCK, Inc.  Since 2015, GLOCK and Swarm have been running a month-long social media campaign each year to promote gun safety. In just three years, over 5 million people have been reached through PR, Social Media and local events.  Throughout the years, over 43,000 fans have taken the pledge, and GLOCK wanted 2017 to have even more firepower than ever before.

The Project/Goals:

In the past, the GLOCK Safety Pledge campaign consisted of primarily of social media posts and a landing page that discusses gun safety and allows fans to take the official GLOCK Safety Pledge. While fans have enthusiastically participated in previous years, we wanted fans to really buy in, and fully harness the power of social media to spread the word even further.

In addition to making the pledge simple, Swarm created a larger activation around the pledge itself, called #FollowTheFour. Fans shared shared their pictures symbolizing the four rules of gun safety and each post that included #FollowTheFour was automatically entered for a chance to win one of GLOCK’s new pistols.

GLOCK Follow Four Image 1         

             GLOCK Follow Four Image 1


Fans leapt at the chance to not only win a gun, but also spread the important message of gun safety in their own way. #FollowTheFour allowed fans to make their posts personal and share with friends and family why gun safety is so important to them.

From marriage proposals to participation by celebrities such as Chuck Norris, Karl Malone, and Wesley Snipes, #FollowTheFour gained major traction with people inside and outside of the gun industry, which was a major goal of the 2017 campaign.

GLOCK Follow Four Image 2

In addition to leveraging the large amount of user generated content created by fans participating in #FollowTheFour, Swarm also created unique content including videos, photos and gifs for the entire campaign. GLOCK Inc., has a professional shooting team and Swarm made sure to involve the team throughout the month as trusted safety advisors to their fan base.

 Promotional items were also developed around the campaign, including wristbands, posters, and more.

GLOCK Follow Four Image 3


  • 23,000+ fans took the GLOCK Safety Pledge
  • 53% increase in number of pledges from 2016 to 2017
  • 1,300+ fans participated in #FollowTheFour
  • 40,856 visits to Safety Pledge Website
  • 7,100+ views on Safety Bunch video