College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Experience

Swarm Redefines Google’s Playbook

The Pre-Game Pep Talk

After relocating to Atlanta, the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience had the unique challenge of building a local audience in an entirely new city. To make matters even more challenging, the majority of local search listings for the Hall still had it listed at its former location in South Bend, Indiana. During search queries, customers were receiving the wrong information, getting lost on their way to the museum, and unable to find the correct website for the organization. In a world dominated by mobile, this was a nightmare for the Hall.


The X’s and O’s of Swarm's SEO Strategy

Swarm decided to approach the challenge by focusing not only on technical SEO for the website (including local structured data implementation) and local search listings, but also on social media strategy, content strategy, user experience, and going so far as updating data on major sites where the organization was mentioned, such as Wikipedia. 

As an agency, Swarm is unafraid to seek out every resource that we can to improve our clients performance. Our team sought advice from other digital thought leaders and worked closely with the engineering team at Google to update and correct the Google Knowledge Graph for the Hall.


                                  Before                                                                                        After          

Our SEO team, deployed their 5-pillar approach and directly impacted the Google Knowledge Graph for the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience (the Hall). This progressive strategy positively affected Google’s understanding of entities (people, places, things) throughout the U.S., which led to the Hall gaining a higher rank in search and a 500%+ increase in Google Reviews.

The change in the Google Knowledge Graph and increase in Google Reviews dramatically improved visibility for the Hall. To some, this may seem like small marketing “wins”, but to a brand that heavily relies on foot traffic and ticket sales from search, the impact was huge.


Swarm’s Highlight Reel

  • 500% increase in Google Reviews
  • Significant jump in search rankings
  • Redefined how Google views people, places and things throughout the U.S.