New Strategic Approach Generates 48% Increase in Audience Growth for BODIES Exhibition

As one of the world’s most unique exhibits, BODIES educates people about the human body by showing hundreds of respectfully displayed bodies and specimens. Such a unique exhibit needed an equally unique digital presence. With Swarm’s help, BODIES ended up growing its online audience by 48%, and its new digital strategy resulted in more ticket sales for BODIES exhibits around the country.

BODIES is part of Premier Exhibitions—a company that features many amazing exhibits that include high-profile subjects like Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition or social issues such as Dialogue in the Dark. They needed a powerful digital presence that matched the BODIES exhibit’s novelty and prestige. More specifically, Premier Exhibitions especially needed a digital strategy to drive local brand awareness, web traffic, and ticket sales.

Our strategy covered everything from website design and content to search marketing that drove people to buy tickets in local markets. One of our primary objectives was to increase brand awareness as Premier Exhibitions wanted to improve their search engine ranking as a typical online search for “bodies” would render everything from a Wikipedia page to anatomy websites. We drove a rigorous digital execution plan that resulted in a significant increase in audience engagement and ticket sales.

Business Goal Driven Strategy
Our strategy encompassed BODIES’ entire digital presence including branding, web design, content, localization, paid search, SEO, social media, ecommerce, and lead generation. By understanding BODIES’ business goals, we crafted our strategy around the company’s desire to increase audience interest in both existing cities and new markets. In addition, our strategy included clear, transparent ways to track success in each market and for each of BODIES’ location-specific websites.

BODIES Exhibits Their New Website
Graphic Design / Content Development
Swarm helped BODIES create a digital look and feel that matched the magnificence of its exhibit. We designed a new website and extended that design to all of BODIES’ online properties. In addition, we created content and concepts to interest visitors and augment our search marketing—including the creation of a blog and social media content.

Retaining Engagement Through Social Media
Community Management
To engage people during the lead up to BODIES events along with generating long-term interest in the exhibit, our team oversaw community engagement on all of BODIES’ social media platforms. We generated and delivered content based on the needs of BODIES’ audience by promoting local events and news, sharing captivating content, and measuring engagement to continuously improve upon what worked.

Improved Ticket Purchasing Program and Tracking Local Markets
Ecommerce Optimization
Swarm integrated a ticket-purchasing program to improve the user experience and better track ticket sales online. We also helped BODIES track specific markets to understand how many visitors came to each exhibit as well as the web traffic to location-specific sites. Our ecommerce optimization helped BODIES offer its exhibit space for corporate events, launch campaigns around individual events, and create more online promotions to help drive traffic and interest.


  • 285,000 engagements—a 48% audience growth
  • 10,000-20,000 website visitors per month for larger markets
  • 2,500 online visitors per month for the smaller markets