Arrow Exterminators

Content and Search Strategy for Mobile Users Increase Leads by 50%


People call on the trusted experts at Arrow Exterminators when they need to get rid of pests like ants, mosquitoes, and termites. In those emergency moments, Arrow needed to be there for its mobile audience looking for a local solution. That’s where Swarm stepped in to provide an SEO strategy with a localized approach that increased organic search traffic and leads by over 50%.



When Arrow approached us, the SEO landscape had changed abruptly in just a few years. A successful strategy now required a less traditional approach and it became more complex to foster cross-device engagement. That meant Arrow needed Swarm’s help to address its website’s responsive capabilities, content, and mobile-friendly features. We quickly identified these as major factors which were affecting the lead capturing process.

Our SEO strategy focused primarily on the importance of relevant content that drove customers to local offices. We created a natural user flow with localized content that could be delivered across any device with impactful language at critical decision points. We adapted to the localized needs of customers coming to the site through business logic, analytics tracking, and tactical search trends. Swarm’s customized analytics helped Arrow see which offices were attracting the most leads and pivot resources to take advantage of the opportunities based on the data.

Localized SEO Strategy Reimagined the Lead Generation Process

Swarm helped Arrow completely reimagine its lead generation process and customer journey. Because localized content was so important, especially on mobile devices, Swarm helped Arrow develop a strategy that populated the company’s 76 local office pages with more useful, relevant content and extended that strategy to business rating and review sites like Yelp. In addition, Swarm introduced approaches to paid search and social media that helped supplement the overall strategy. The goal? Drive more localized leads to the Arrow site and increase customer engagement.

Responsive Design To Reach Your Mobile Customers
User Experience Design

With more than half of web traffic coming from mobile devices, Arrow needed to make mobile-friendly changes to its website. Arrow needed to be available where and when their customers needed them, especially on mobile. Our team’s responsive design and development helped Arrow target more local and mobile consumers to drive more inbound leads. Arrow’s website adjusted to meet its local consumers where they were in the consumer cycle. Our strategy offered local-specific content and services tailored to a mobile user needing immediate help with a pest problem from a local Arrow service center.

Real-Time Analytics Monitoring Lead Generation and Local Service Center Performance

As part of Swarm’s SEO strategy, we managed the entire process by tracking lead generation and monitoring performance in real time. That included looking at the performance of specific local service centers, where the leads originated, what attracted consumers, and how specific campaigns contributed to lead generation. Before, it was difficult for Arrow to measure the success of its online efforts. Now, it is as easy as looking at a customized dashboard with all relevant metrics immediately available.


  • 50% increase in leads from organic search results
  • Adaptive analytics support
  • Mobile-friendly ranking boost