Retail Leader Scores Big with $38 Million in Revenue from Digital Gaming App


As a retail leader in leasing residential furniture, consumer electronics, home appliances and more, Aaron’s, Inc. always wants to increase foot traffic and engage customers in exciting, relevant ways. Additionally, they were looking for the most efficient way to deploy a game to over 2,200 stores.

Swarm developed a sleek mobile gaming app to base around an in-store promotion and deployed it on tablet devices to more than 2,200 Aaron’s stores— generating $38 million in revenue and over 68,000 leads.


Like any retailer on top of their game, Aaron’s is constantly looking for ways to increase in-store traffic and engagement in order to ultimately drive qualified leads. The Aaron’s team came up with the idea for a new in-store promotion—a Wheel of Fortune-like prize wheel in which customers would win an insanely low first monthly payment for any item of their choice.

Swarm loved the idea. We challenged ourselves to take it up a notch by adding digital fuel to the promotion’s fire through a fresh strategic approach and a captivating in-store tablet app.

Swarm engaged Aaron’s shoppers by offering an easy-to-use, entertaining tablet app that turned the traditional idea of a retail promotion into a fun, engaging game called Big Score. The app’s game and prizes, like an extremely low first monthly payment for their items, encouraged users to provide their personal information to Aaron’s and gave the company many new, measurable leads.

Understanding Online & In-Store Consumer Journey


Swarm worked with Aaron’s to define, create, and launch the Big Score promotion by identifying all of the digital touch-points that would increase awareness and encourage users to go to their nearest store. Deciding to use an in-store tablet not only made the experience more fun but it also allowed Aaron’s to measure results in real-time.

Game Excitement by Design
Graphic Design

Our in-store tablet app simulated a Wheel of Fortune-like prize wheel that customers held in their hand and spun. They saw their winnings on a big screen TV in the store, adding to the excitement. Swarm’s creative team made the tablet app look and feel modern, similar to the games people play on their own apps at home. This included adding simple touches like the sight of a spinning wheel, the sound of the prize pieces ticking as they spun, and the flashing excitement of winning a prize.

Seamless Massive Deployment to Over 2,200 Stores
Mobile App Development / Retail Activation

The tablet application deployed to 2,200 stores, including being hooked up to a big screen TV in each store. Our team helped Aaron’s seamlessly deploy the app with minimal technical problems or issues. Store managers were easily able to set up the tablets and hook them up to the big screen TVs following Swarm’s documentation and easy-to-understand instructions. Behind the scenes, the application aggregated the entry data and displayed it on a fully-secure, back-end website.

Real-Time Lead Capture and Analytics Helped Aaron’s Adjust on the Fly

Consumers felt comfortable using the app in-store to enter their personal data and register for the promotion. That led to over 60,000 leads and real-time measurement viewed by Aaron’s through a customized analytics dashboard. Even hours after the promotion began, Aaron’s could identify underperforming stores. These real-time measurements allowed Aaron’s to immediately help underperforming stores, maximize their lead generation, and ultimately increase revenue.


  • 68,383 total leads
  • $38 million in revenue generated
  • Reusable in-store and online campaign with proven high engagement