Aaron's, Inc.

Improving Paid Search with a Growing Business

Growth Means Change

As the Aaron’s e-commerce business continued to see significant growth in 2017, the business goals and supporting strategy needed to change as well. Despite impressive Paid Search metrics including lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA), Swarm worked with Aaron’s to identify new opportunities in the current strategy that eventually accelerated their growth. 

While lower CPA is typically a good thing, it can be misleading on its own. In this case, low CPA was being driven from returning customers searching for Aaron’s related terms during a time when the business priority was to expand market share and increase new customers. Additionally, we found that some elements of the Paid Search campaign was, in fact, cannibalizing Organic Search efforts thanks to the intentional collaboration between Swarm and Aaron’s teams. 

New Goals Defined

  • Increase new users to Aarons.com
  • Expand market share and conquesting
  • Identify right mix of Paid Search and Organic Search traffic to gain the highest ROI

How We Adapted

First, we shifted the Paid Search strategy and spend towards more non-branded and conquesting campaigns to reach new customers higher in the funnel and increase market share as we gradually decreased spend on branded campaigns where organic rankings are already #1. This immediately positioned the brand in front of a broader audience that still has a demand for the products Aaron’s offers.

Next, we created a roadmap to rapidly test new optimizations and bidding strategies across all campaigns. We also developed a landing page matrix which helped guide the implementation of new landing pages for specific campaigns, a key factor in driving high quality scores with Google AdWords.

Today, we work with Aaron’s to continuously improve our optimizations and testing strategies to stay ahead of the ever-changing market and go where the highest quality demand exists and aligns with the evolving business needs. We continue to test new tactics such as dynamic keyword insertion, countdown scripts and RLSA campaigns to set ourselves apart from the competition and eliminate wasted spend.

The Results We Achieved

Combined with the hard work that went into successful Aaron’s promotions beating year-over-year goals and the shift in Paid and Organic Search strategy by Swarm, here are just a few of the results we achieved.

  • In the first month of the new strategy, overall market share increased 8% and click-through rates increased 36%.
  • Conversion rate also increased 41% year-over-year (comparing June 2017-Mar 2018 to June 2016- Mar 2017), total transactions were up 43%, and spend increased 8%.
  • Cost-per-click increased by 12% and cost-per-acquisition decreased 25%.