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To make sure your campaigns are meeting your marketing goals, you’ll need a team devoted to tracking every single major KPI. Our Analytics team specializes in analyzing users’ behavior and gleaning key insights. These help us pivot based on new findings to increase conversions and build on the success of any campaign.

From reporting to custom dashboards, our tailor-made analytics solutions make campaign performance easy to understand. Our transparent approach gives you insight into exactly what is and what isn’t working. We primarily work with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, but our team also has experience with Adobe Analytics under their belts.

We measure what matters. We understand what to tag and when to tag it, so that our insights are actionable for your company. At Swarm, we don’t hand over data, we provide ways to visualize our findings. Whether through dashboards, heatmaps, or so much more, we can paint a comprehensive story of what is working and what isn’t to make sure your company isn’t overlooking an opportunity.

We know the ins and outs of media planning across a variety of platforms, and our media management services will make sure your assets are being invested in conversions.

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