Western & Waltham

Refreshing the Western & Waltham Marketing Mix

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challenge The Challenge

Taking two brands with similar yet different goals to create a cohesive and compelling marketing mix.

For Western, sales are controlled by the bandwidth that branch sales reps have to conduct outbound sales operations. Leads coming from marketing efforts and the website had slowed, and they weren't differentiating from competitors. While Waltham faces the same challenges as Western faces to hire more sales reps, there are unique challenges that stem from brand recognition and differentiation.

Expand geographically and increase the salesperson headcount per branch

Increase brand awareness, impression share, and our digital footprint

Create a better user experience for easier conversions


challenge The Solution

For Western Pest Services, we focused on conversions first by capturing the highest quality demand in existing markets. We created enticing value propositions and offers for every service and verticle. We worked to reach new customers with one-off quick response services, then graduate them into bundled services.

For Waltham Pest Services, we wanted to clarify brand confusion in existing marketing by leveraging paid search. We prioritized key commercial services such as bed bugs, which is a key industry trend for 2019. We leveraged existing customers to drive consideration and preference with new customers and captured high-quality demand for residential and termite in existing markets.