The Weather Channel

Wise Media Dollars = Big Rewards

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challenge The Challenge

In addition to driving new downloads, The Weather Channel needed a lower cost per install (CPI).

The Weather Channel launched a major overhaul to their app and needed Swarm to help them reach their existing users to make them aware of the update. In addition, they wanted to reach a new audience of people in order to drive new app downloads. Their final goal was to lower their CPI (cost per install) with their advertising strategy being heavily weighted towards mobile and social ads.

Reach existing app users to make them aware of their recent major app update

Reach a new audience of people to drive new app downloads

Lower CPI (cost per install)


challenge The Solution

Swarm's strategy and media team developed a targeted strategy around the times and days that people typically search for and download weather apps. Rather than throwing media dollars at a mass audience, we targeted mobile and social users specifically around times and locations with inclement weather. This allowed us to boost performance and conversion rates significantly. We also created a process for rapidly testing and tweaking creative which increased clickthrough rates and drove cost-per-install down to an all-time low.