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Dynamic Website Redesign Drives SEO Gains for Pulse Centers

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challenge The Challenge

The content did not clearly express the value of PEMF and was not optimized for SEO keyword ranking.

With a clear understanding of Pulse Centers’ business needs and pain-points, paired with key findings gathered from thorough audits, the strategy was established. The end goal was to clearly translate the company’s educational voice and tone, by creating unique SEO-optimized content that spoke to each audience group and provided clear user-paths throughout the site.

More than 50% of site traffic was from mobile devices, yet mobile accounted for more than a 60% visitor drop rate

There was duplicate content on the site that utilized essential real estate. It was negatively impacting SEO and lessening user confidence

The website lacked educational resources


challenge The Solution

Executing a clean visual design, while focusing on educating the user and providing easily-digestible content, was the challenge. PEMF technology is not limited to one specific audience, it appeals to a vast audience base. Swarm identified three primary user personas that shaped the overall user flow, design, and web development. Honing in on the end-user benefits and while clearly translating the messaging throughout the site, was vital to the success of the project.

The ultimate goal of the project was to focus on developing a clean UX/UI that translated seamlessly across mobile and desktop. Unique messaging was developed for each user persona and video elements were incorporated to visually demonstrate the benefits of PEMF technology. Once on the site, a new visitor should immediately understand what PEMF technology is, the wellness benefits of the technology, and feel excited to visit a Pulse Centers location nearby and experience the dynamic technology, first-hand.