Maid Brigade Landing Pages

Landing Page Redesign to Improve SEO

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challenge The Challenge

We needed to improve conversion rate, time on page, and bounce rate year-over-year.

While most Maid Brigade pages are responsive, they often create a less than desirable browsing experience. Users are met with a myriad of options and potential user flows vying for attention. The previous user flow had a 50% drop off between each step. Because 63% of traffic is on mobile, we wanted to create the optimal user flow based on an optimized mobile experience to help eliminate drop off.

Blog and tips pages are getting traffic but not leading to conversions

The custom CMS platform makes it difficult to update content and introduces severe limitations to implementing SEO tactics

Lead forms lack consistency and their locations may not make sense given the current user flow


challenge The Solution

Using findings from the design and SEO audit, Swarm worked with Maid Brigade to implement the new designs to an individual test city’s page to compare against the other location pages. If that test was successful, we planned to roll out the new user experience to the rest of the franchises.

Ultimately, lead conversion rate went up significantly, and all other KPIs improved. We are in the process of rolling out the new user experience to the rest of the organization.