Attracting the right customers with Attract™

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challenge The Challenge

Swarm was challenged with finding untapped markets within a very niche audience that could be buyers.

Using historical benchmarks as the baseline, Swarm was challenged to increase awareness to an already niche market, while also producing an increase in leads.

Increase awareness with primary and secondary account targets

Drive gated white paper downloads

Test and learn from creative messaging and media placements to inform future long-term demand generation


challenge The Solution

Phase 1 & Phase 2 of our LinkedIn efforts was completed at the end of September. We received 1,184 clicks giving us an average CPC of $11.

While Phase 1 generated few conversions (by our measurement), it was a "test and learn" campaign we used to drive our strategy for Phase 2. We learned that our campaign is most effective when targeting by "insurance industry", rather than by individual companies. All of the Phase 1 conversions were generated by this adjusted targeting. Targeting by industry rather than by the company also led to lower CPC's and an improved CTR.

Moving into Phase 2 we switched our strategy to focus more on lead generation. This proved to be most successful when receiving leads direct to download. Based on the performance of this campaign and positive ROI, we recommended revisiting LinkedIn for an additional budget.