Glock43 Product Launch

G43 Product Launch Dominates Social Media and Spreads to Millions of Users

StrategyUX/UI Design

challenge The Challenge

Swarm's challenge was to engage audiences through social media, landing pages, and product giveaways.

GLOCK, one of the world’s most-renowned pistol manufacturers, had the exciting challenge of announcing its most anticipated product ever offered.

A product launch of this magnitude needed a larger-than-life, immersive online experience that engaged audiences through social media, landing pages with exciting and relevant content, and effective product giveaways.

GLOCK had the exciting challenge of announcing its most anticipated product ever offered, the G43

The pressure was on for G43 product launch to be nothing short of spectacular

GLOCK needed a strategy to engage their social media audiences, build new landing pages, and set up exciting product giveaways


challenge The Solution

To help generate lots of interest in the new G43 and drive customers to local GLOCK dealers, Swarm created a holistic launch strategy that accounted for every important element online. That included specially crafted landing pages on the GLOCK website, a social media strategy to engage GLOCK’s audience, and product giveaways to drive interest.

Swarm’s social media strategy catapulted GLOCK to the top of the conversation going into the 2015 NRA convention. By expanding GLOCK’s social reach, growing its social community, and generating thousands of product giveaway entries, Swarm leveraged the G43 product launch to significantly keep GLOCK ahead of its competitors on social media.

Swarm also managed GLOCK’s major social media platforms to tease the new product and build excitement for the convention. Through product giveaways, educational content, and promotion of the live streaming event that would debut the G43, Swarm’s social team kept GLOCK’s gun enthusiasts and excited and informed right up until the launch.