College Football Hall of Fame

New Website and SEO Strategy Increases Results Across the Board

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challenge The Challenge

The experience of visiting the College Football Hall of Fame was not translating through their website.

The College Football Hall of Fame website was not accurately reflecting the fun, interactive experience that fans get when visiting the Hall. More specifically, website users were having a tough time finding tickets online and getting frustrated with slow loading times. In addition, The Hall had recently moved to Atlanta from Indiana, and search results were not reflecting the new location.

The interactive experience of visiting the Hall was not translating through the current website

Search listings still had The Hall listed at its former location in South Bend, Indiana

Website users were having a hard time finding tickets online and were getting frustrated with slow loading times


challenge The Solution

From user experience to content to development, Swarm went all in to create an immersive online experience so that fans could truly get a feel for the Hall before ever physically stepping foot into the building.

Swarm decided to approach the challenge by focusing not only on technical SEO for the website (including local structured data implementation) and local search listings, but also on social media strategy, content strategy, user experience, and going so far as updating data on major sites where the organization was mentioned, such as Wikipedia.

Our team sought advice from other digital thought leaders and worked closely with the engineering team at Google to update and correct the Google Knowledge Graph for the Hall. Our SEO team deployed their 5-pillar approach and directly impacted the Google Knowledge Graph for the College Football Hall of Fame and Chick-fil-A Fan Experience (the Hall). This progressive strategy positively affected Google’s understanding of entities (people, places, things) throughout the U.S., which led to the Hall gaining a higher rank in search and a 500%+ increase in Google Reviews. To a brand that heavily relies on foot traffic and ticket sales from search, the impact was huge.

Not only does the website have a new look and feel and captures the Hall’s essence in the digital world, but it also has increased engagement across all devices and has driven an increase in online ticket sales.



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