Aaron’s Black Friday App

Integrating an Online Campaign into Aaron’s Retail Locations

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challenge The Challenge

Understanding what incentivizes people to go in-store vs. online in order to increase store visits.

Swarm worked with Aaron’s to understand what incentivizes people to go in-store vs. online. The aarons.com website offers a lot more inventory and options than you can find in-store, but we wanted to see how we could get customers interacting more with in-store staff to build longer-term customer relationships.

Gain insight on what incentivizes customers to go in-store vs. online

Drive traffic to stores, collect in-store customer data, and build up the in-store experience for the online audience

Work diligently to get the app designed, built, and in-store at over 2,000 locations within 6 weeks


challenge The Solution

During our audit, we learned that Aaron’s customers are more concerned with payment terms on lease-to-own items than they are the products themselves. Based on these findings around what incentivizes customers to visit stores, we worked with Aaron’s to devise a campaign that offered various payment terms as things you could win if you walk into a store. We built an in-store experience that allowed customers to spin a wheel to get more beneficial payment terms ($5 down, $10 down, 6 months same as cash, etc.).

We had to move quickly as we were only 6 weeks out from Black Friday and needed to get this app designed, built, and in-store at over 2000 locations in that timeframe.

Swarm designed and built the app on a framework that allowed all data to flow seamlessly into Aaron’s Salesforce database. We also worked with their marketing cloud teams to hook up automated emails that would go out from the app, and allow for data storage for remarketing purposes. We worked with Aaron’s to deploy the app to the stores, measuring results throughout the day of the campaign.